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Global Matrix
Merchandising Inc.

Sourcing and Solutions for the Electrical and Data Communications Market

Global Matrix is an Ontario-based supplier of cables, electrical and data communications products and services. We are able to source a variety of data communications and electrical products and cables from a wide network of manufacturers worldwide. We offer custom private branding, allowing you to showcase your company brand on your products.


We source a range of electrical and data communications products and cables including communication cable, coaxial cable, station wire and category cable.


We offer a variety of services including procuring cables, and electrical and data communication products for your company, as well as providing private branding on your products.

About Us

Our main business is to provide solutions and products – primarily cable – for installers, distributors and contractors in the electrical and data communications industry.

our products

Our knowledgeable and experienced associates work with you to procure the best products for your business, ensuring that the process is cost-effective and efficient every time.


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